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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AIESEC in University of Sri J'pura Monthly eNewsletter 2010 April

AIESEC USJP Newsletter 2010 APRIL
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The AIESEC in University of Sri Jayawardenapura Monthly eNewsletter | 07 April 2010

APRIL 2010 Edition

In This Edition
1. Biggest Recruitment of the year
2. Sashreeka on vacation speaks to newies
3. AIESEC USJP Local Conference
3. Shamindra Welikala -  Alumni of AIESEC USJP going to Kenya on new assignment
4. APES Successful session at Piliyandala central
5. APES Team at Climate Discussion

1. Leadership Role of the Month - Suvimali Suraweera
2. Member of the Month - Iroshan Kumuditha

1. Roles
1. Local Conference Organizing Committee
2. Local Conference Facilitators Team
2. Social Media Competition by AIESEC International
3. CIMA Global Business Challenge

News From the Network
1. AIESEC Sri Lanka Career Development Day 2010
2. 2010 Leadership week of AIESEC Finaland
3. AIESEC France - Interns General Assembly

4. International Presidents Meeting 2010 Output
5. AIESEC International 2010-11 team appointed

TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1477, Vidyaloka MV
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1476, Boossa MV, DTs, English teaching
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1438 DT, Horizon Lanka (English Teaching)
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1439, MT, CNGlobal (Business Admin, Looking for Australian)
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1441, DT, HFC (English Teaching)
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1467 MT, HEWL(Tourism, Looking for Czech)
TN-In-LK-SL-2009-1465 MT, HEWL(Tourism, Looking for Polish)
TN-In-LK-SL-2010-1487(Tourism, Looking for Polish)
TN-In-LK-SL-2010-1488 MT, Corporate Doctors (Pvt) Ltd (Accounting & Auditing)
EP-In-LK-SL-2010-1352 Sanka (IT, Management)
EP-In-LK-SL-2010-1354 Chathini (IT, Management)
EP-In-LK-SL-2010-1343 Tharindu Lindamulage (IT, Management)
Manoj (IT, DT)

AIESEC Sri Lanka - Career Development Day 2010

Time:8:30AM Wednesday, May 5th
Location:University of Colombo

Career Development Day is an event focused on
enhancing employability skills, broadening of mindset and reflecting capabilities of talented individuals graduating from the local universities & other recognized educational Institutes in the presence of the most prestigious conglomerates in Sri Lanka.
For more info

2010 Leadership week of Finaland
AIESEC in Finland and EBBF created a press release about the "2010 Leadership week of Finaland" and topics discussed. EBBF has distributed the release via its many global media channels and it has now been published in several sites:

AIESEC Interns' General Assembly - France
AIESEC in France is having the Interns' General Assembly every three months  in order to improve the experiences of the interns. This April 8th is the next one.
If you want to know what is happening in their community, here is the newsletter.

International Presidents Meeting 2010 Output Released!
Find out everything that happened during IPM Tunisia 2010 here.

AIESEC International 2010-11 team appointed.

Alexa Mabonga (Tanzania/Uganda/AI) - VP Information Management
Camilo Cueto (Colombia) - VP Organisational Development
David Elema (Nigeria) - VP Country Development
Darshan Desai (India) - VP AIESEC XP
Ekaterina Khaletskaya (Russia/Pakistan/Oman) - VP Country Development
Fatima Rocha (Mexico/Puerto Rico) - VP AIESEC XP
Gloria Kexin Wu
(Mainland of China) - VP AIESEC XP
Jacob Formosa (Australia/Latvia) - VP AIESEC XP
Jennilie Orlanda (Indonesia) - VP Country Development
Malina Ciolpan (Romania/Dominican Republic/AI) - VP Finance
Marina Ran (Canada) - VP Country Development
Orsolya Kovacs (Hungary) - VP Country Development
Tatiana Mykhailyuk (Ukraine) - VP Operations
Ruthie Garelik (USA/Colombia/AI) - VP External Relations

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Submit any questions or feedback to Editorial Board Anuradhi Liyanapathirana (Vice President Communications - elect) via email on anuradhi.aiesec@g

Biggest Recruitment of AIESEC Sri Lanka for 2009/10 from J'pura
AIESEC USJP had AIESEC Sri Lanka's biggest recruitment with 44 new members concluded last Tuesday 30th March 2010. Credits should go to Mihiraka (Vice President - Talent Management elect) and Iroshan (OGX Team member) for talent promotion and recruitment of the new members.

Suvimali & Shashika to do Internship in India
Suvimalee Suraweera and Sashika Dissanayake, AIESEC members from the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce were selected to follow Internships in India during the August vacation.  We wish Suvi, Sashika Good luck for a great experience! Congratulations OGX Team and specially the Vice President Outgoing Exchange (elect) - Shamila Gamage on the achievement.

Sashreeka on vacation speaks to newies
Sashreeka Abeysinghe former Vice President of AIESEC USJP, now following Financial Executive - AIESEC Internship at VFS Global - Singapore was in Sri Lanka on holidays last month. She shared her experience with the new members on the farewell held on 18th March 2010.

AIESEC USJP Conference coming up!!!
AIESEC USJP will host its local conference on the last week of May. Members can apply for the organizing committee while Facilitator applications will be open for the experienced AIESECers. Keep your fingers crossed for updates.

Shamindra Welikala -  Alumni of AIESEC USJP going to Kenya on new assignment
Shamindra Welikala -Former President & one of the pioneers of AIESEC USJP bid farewell to all the members on 18th March. He will be taking over a new role in Kenya. Shamindra shared his long AIESEC experience and encouraged the members to grab the vast amount of opportunities AIESEC offers.

APES Successful session at Piliyandala central
The APES(AIESEC Project for Environment & Sustainability)  team together with AIESEC volunteer & Forest Engineer Isabella Plaza (from Spain) conducted an educational seminar on “World Crisis – Climate Change” for the Grade Eleven students of  Piliyandala Central. Presentations were given on the subjects of global warming, global dimming and the importance of climate sustainability to Sri lanka based on O/L syllabus. An introductory session about AIESEC was carried out at this event as well.

APES Team at Climate Discussion
Ruwani Alwishewa and Dimithu Ponnamperuma - Members of the APES team joined with the youth group Beyond Borders in a discussion on “CLIMATE SUSTAINABILITY” conducted by Mr. Uchita De Zoysa who is an internationally acclaimed thinker, writer, speaker & frontline leader in mobilizing society for shaping policy for the global sustainability movement. The reasons for the Copenhagen UN summit failing, climate justice and our roles in changing world order were some of the topics discussed.

Opportunities - Roles

Organizing Committee of AIESEC USJP Local Conference
Deadline: 18, April
Contact: Chamila Karunathilake (

Facilitators of AIESEC USJP Local Conference

Deadline: 18, April
Contact: Keshavi Puswewala (

This is a unique chance in AIESEC. The competition is organized by the AIESEC International. Its an opportunity to have a broader impact and win a chance to participate at International Congress India 2010.
View the Social Media Competition Wiki for more details about criteria and prize.

Tag - Feature
CIMA Global Business Challenge

Take part in the CIMA Global Business Challenge, and win a trip to Malaysia for the global final in 2010!
The CIMA Global Business Challenge is an international competition that is designed to bring out the best in potential business leaders among young people.
Teams from all over the world will be participating in this global challenge. They will come from the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Mainland China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, UAE and Australia. The winning team from each region will compete in Malaysia, representing their region and institution.

This will be an ideal opportunity for AIESEC members since we are interested in Leadership, Management and since we do business every day!!!

Team Performance of the Month

Education Project team
Team members Kanishka, Sanomi and Supunna visited 4 new schools. Had two successful meetings and are planning to raise new schools for the summer peak.
Environment and Sustainability Project (APES)
APES Team conducted a awareness sessions in Piliyandala Central on 3rd March. Team participated in the Climate Change Discussion with Uchitha De Zoysa. Ruwani - The Team Leader successfully matched 2 EPs (Aravinth & Jyothish from AIESEC India) for the project. Team is planning the future sessions at Piliyandala Central, which was a demand from the school after the successful first delivery.

General Incoming Exchange Team
Had meetings with 6 companies, out of which 3 were confirmed. Suvimali matching the raised TN form of Coperate Doctors.

Outgoing Exchange Team
Successfully matched 2 EPs. Read story here. Interviewed 8 students who are interested in the AIESEC work abroad program. Iroshan and the team formulated a promotional plan. OGX team had one training on technical knowledge. Shamila (Vice President OGX - elect) is negotiating with AIESEC countries to find placements for USJP students.

Tourism and HIV AIDS Project Team
Shashika, Sewwandi and Chamila Had meetings with Tourism companies and one with the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. 3 Vacancies in Tourism sector is to be matched. The team recruited 5 new members.

Nadheera Udawatthe
AIESEC in University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka

Mobile: + 94718112063 | Email: | Skype: nadheera.udawatthe |



Nadheera Udawatthe
AIESEC in University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka

Mobile: + 94718112063 | Email: | Skype: nadheera.udawatthe |

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